• SoundGuard has created the world's first soundproofing paint. This amazing product has endless applications across the commercial, residential and industrial markets.


    Our patent-pending, eco-friendly soundproof paint has been independently proven to reduce sound pressure levels by more than 90% which translates to a 75-95% reduction in sound transmission and unwanted noise. This revolutionary high-performance coating is absolutely capable of soundproofing a demising, shared wall between hotel rooms, apartment units, bedrooms, offices, dorms and any other property or commercial space where privacy is needed.


    Over the past several months, in various commercial projects including hotels, using high-grade sound testing equipment with controlled variables, our standard three (3) coat application has provided a average reduction of 9-12 decibels. The total variance has been 7-14 decibels depending on the frequency and sound transmission class (STC) rating of the existing walls.


    We have confirmed through our sound testing practices that the decibel reduction from each coat of soundproof paint is linear. This means each individual coat (30 wet mils) of our soundproofing paint provides a similar outcome with a reduction of sound transmission in the range of 3-4 decibels.


    We have also determined that a (4) coat application would be appropriate for properties with the most severe sound transmission problems (resulting from low STC ratings) where a reduction of 12-16 decibels is needed to achieve the most desired soundproofing results.

  • SoundGuard's revolutionary, patent-pending soundproof paint was developed by our team of chemists and coating experts to reduce and in most cases eliminate sound transmission through walls and ceilings.


    Our high-performance architectural, functional coating has been independently proven to reduce sound transmission by 75-100% making it the closest thing to soundproof paint that has ever been created.


    Click here to learn about sound pressure levels and decibel reduction rates


    Our soundproof paint is able to achieve such amazing results through deflection and deadening with some absorption and isolation. We are essentially creating an impenetrable barrier on the wall that sound can not pass through.


    Our soundproof paint is eco-friendly, low-VOC by all EPA standards, fire-resistant, mold-resistant, mildew-resistant and anti-microbial. We also created this product so that it's easy to apply using an airless sprayer and dries really fast. After our paint dries you are left with a beautiful, smooth finish on the wall that can covered with a top coat of paint, wallpaper, texture, vinyl or any other wall covering of your choice.


    Our incredible soundproof paint has achieved an FSTC rating of 52 which means it provides a tremendous amount of sound protection when applied to a wall or ceiling.


    The Uniform Building Code recommends that all interior walls have a 50 STC rating but requires a minimum of a 45 STC rating. Based on our research it appears the majority of interior walls do not meet these requirements meaning that additional soundproofing measures should be taken.
    Click here to learn about STC ratings.


    To speak with a member of our sales team please email us at info@soundguard.io


    Currently our sales team is primarily focused on helping commercial customers such as hotels and hospitality groups, apartment buildings and multi family housing, office buildings and property managers, healthcare and hospitals, retirement communities and assisted living facilities, schools, universities and student housing buildings.



  • Soundproof paint is disrupting the $50 billion global paint industry. This industry has had very little innovation over the past several decades. We believe that our product is so incredible in terms of effectiveness and affordability that every commercial and residential property owner needs to consider putting SoundGuard on their walls.

  • SoundGuard soundproof paint creates an impenetrable barrier on the wall that is able to block decibels at any frequency. Our product is applied in 3 coats at 30 wet mils per coat for a total of 90 wet mils. Each coat typically dries within 2 hours meaning you can get an entire wall or room done in one day. After the 3 coats have dried down you will have approximately 42 dry mils of product left on the wall which is the equivalent thickness of 4-5 business cards laying on top of each other.

  • Our amazing soundproof paint is the only soundproofing product or solution in the world that meets all of the following criteria:

    (1) effective

    (2) affordable

    (3) eco-friendly, low-VOC

    (4) non-invasive

    (5) versatile

    (6) smooth finish

    (7) easy spray application

    (8) fire resistant

    (9) mold & mildew resistant

    (10) anti-microbial

  • It's been a remarkable process getting to experience such a revolutionary product for the hotel industry. SoundGuard's soundproof paint has certainly opened my eyes and exceeded my expectations. It can only be defined as innovative and essential. This product is the perfect solution for hotels and other commercial or residential properties because it's noise reduction capabilities are truly impressive and it's very cost effective compared to other options. I highly recommend other owners and operators consider using SoundGuard at their properties.

    ~Bill, Hotel General Manager



    I've worked at hotels for most of my career and I can honesty say that SoundGuard's soundproof paint is the most incredible product I've ever experienced. Our hotel has been dealing with noise complaints ever since we opened back in the 1980's. Like most people I was very skeptical that SoundGuard's product could live up to it's promises but after observing the differences before and after the walls were treated in the guest rooms I am now a true believer. I can't wait to someday buy this product for my own house.

    ~Sandra, Hotel Rooms Director


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    Get Informed

    First step is to look through our website and become more informed about soundproof paint. We want you to understand how this revolutionary product can help solve your problems. After you've read through our reports and charts please send us a message so we can put you in touch with a member of our sales team.



    If you believe our SoundGuard soundproof paint is the right solution then we will work with you to get a mockup scheduled at your property. Typically a mockup consists of doing two rooms that have a shared, interior wall. Our product will be applied both sides of the shared wall.


    Test Results

    Every mockup comes with on-site test results. We will provide you with a report containing the before and after sound test data so you can make an informed decision regarding our product. We are confident you will be very impressed.



    If you are satisfied with the sound test report we will then provide you with a full proposal for the remainder of your property. Our proposals include all costs related to the product, materials, shipping and labor.



    If the proposal is satisfactory, we will then send over a final contract with all terms and conditions. After payment is received we will begin putting your order together. Financing options are available.



    We will coordinate with you and your team to arrange the best time for application to begin. Depending on the size of your property and the complexity of the project, application can last from few weeks to a few months.

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