Our soundproof paint is very easy to apply, however it should always be done by one of our preferred contractors with the proper equipment and training.


    All surfaces being treated should be dry and clean of any loose debris.


    Our standard application is three (3) coats of 30 wet mils per coat for a total of 90 wet mils.

    Our product is 45-46% solids and 54-55% liquids which means after the three coats of product is done drying and curing you will have approximately 41-42 dry mil on the wall which is the equivalent of 4-5 business cards laying on top of each other.


    We require a 1.5 horsepower airless sprayer with a .519 tip. We require painters to be wearing the proper eye wear and respirators.


    We recommend that oscillating fans and dehumidifiers be placed near the treated walls to assist with the drying process.


    Typically 2 hours of dry time is enough time between coats however with good air flow the drying process may be even shorter.


    Ionizers will help eliminate the reminiscence of paint odor. Without ionizers the paint odor should be completely gone within 24 hours of the last coat being applied.

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