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    In early 2015, Jonah and his amazing team of chemists and coating experts began working on the formulation for their proposed soundproof paint. They were not even sure that creating this product was feasible but they understood the massive market opportunity if they could come up with something that was effective, affordable, non-invasive and eco-friendly.


    Nearly 2 years and 25 formulations later the team had finally created this revolutionary product. After many months of extensive product testing, lab testing, field testing, fire safety testing and much more they knew they had created the world's first soundproof paint that would change the paint industry forever. Next they filed all of the necessary U.S. and International Patents, began putting together their marketing strategy, started hiring sales reps and officially launched the company in November 2017.


    Fast forward to early 2018 and SoundGuard is already working with more than 100+ hotel and apartment groups to get this amazing soundproof paint installed in their properties.


    The world has never known a paint product that could provide this much value and sound protection so Jonah and his team are excited to be bringing this product to the market, educating the millions of people that need it and attempting to build the next great billion dollar American company.


    For questions and interviews you can reach Jonah directly at jonah@soundguard.io or 617-818-1529

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