Get Informed

    First step is to look through our website and become more informed about soundproof paint. We want you to understand how this revolutionary product can help solve your problems. After you've read through our reports and charts please send us a message so we can put you in touch with a member of our sales team.



    If you believe our SoundGuard soundproof paint is the right solution then we will work with you to get a mockup scheduled at your property. Typically a mockup consists of doing two rooms that have a shared, interior wall. Our product will be applied both sides of the shared wall.


    Test Results

    Every mockup comes with on-site test results. We will provide you with a report containing the before and after sound test data so you can make an informed decision regarding our product. We are confident you will be very impressed.



    If you are satisfied with the sound test report we will then provide you with a full proposal for the remainder of your property. Our proposals include all costs related to the product, materials, shipping and labor.



    If the proposal is satisfactory, we will then send over a final contract with all terms and conditions. After payment is received we will begin putting your order together. Financing options are available.



    We will coordinate with you and your team to arrange the best time for application to begin. Depending on the size of your property and the complexity of the project, application can last from few weeks to a few months.

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