SoundGuard's revolutionary, patent-pending soundproof paint was specifically developed by our team to reduce and/or eliminate sound transmission through walls and ceilings.


    Our high-performance architectural coating has been independently and scientifically proven to reduce sound transmission through interior walls by an average of 90% making it the closest thing to soundproof paint that has ever been created


    The proprietary ingredients in our coating are able to accomplish this through isolation, absorption and deflection. Essentially we are creating an impenetrable sound barrier on the wall that is able to block the majority of decibels at any frequency.


    Our soundproof paint is also eco-friendly (low-VOC) and very easy to apply using the proper equipment.


    Through independent testing we have achieved an FSTC rating of 52 which when applied to any wall or ceiling would provide a tremendous amount of sound protection.


    The Uniform Building Code recommends that all interior walls have a 50 STC rating but require a minimum of 45 STC rating. Based on extensive research and field testing it is quite obvious that the majority of interior walls do not meet these requirements meaning that additional soundproofing measures should be taken to protect guests, residents, employees, students, etc.

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