Unwanted noise is the #1 complaint among hotel guests.

    In just the U.S. alone, more than 30 billion square feet of wall space is painted every year.

    75% of noise complaints go unreported but still create unhappy guests.

    82% of people are less likely to stay in a hotel if they see multiple bad reviews online.

    The soundproof paint market is an estimated $200 million and anticipated to grow at 30-50% per year.

    95% of leisure travelers use hotels reviews before booking and on average they look at 7 different reviews.

    Hotel guest ratings are 32% higher when there are no noise complaints.

    86% of people are less likely to recommend a hotel if they had a bad experience from unwanted noise.

    68% of hotel guests are more likely to leave a negative hotel review after a bad experience compared to a positive review after a good experience.

    79% of consumers feel that a hotel stay is very important to their overall traveling experience.

    74% of hotel guests say a quiet room is key to getting a good night sleep.

    TripAdvisor has more than 250 million hotel reviews and gets approximately 200 million website visitors every month.

    Every 1-point increase in a hotel’s Global Review Index score leads to an increase of up to 1.42% in RevPAR via ReviewPro

    TripAdvisor.com is the global leader in hotel reviews followed by Booking.com then Ctrip.com

    52% of consumer travel decisions are influenced by social media and forums via ReviewPro

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